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Join us! We’re hosting virtual classes via Zoom. To sign-up for any class, please email [email protected]ealestate.com. Admission is free.

After your class, contact us to begin your buying and selling experience!

First Time Home Buyers: An Overview of the Buying Process

Tuesday, January 18th OR Thursday, February 3rd at 6:30-7:45pm

If you’re considering buying your first home and want to understand what’s in store, this is a quick and helpful overview. Led by our agents and a loan officer from a local bank.

How to Buy and Sell at the Same Time: For Homeowners Contemplating a Move

Monday, January 10th OR Tuesday, February 8th at 6:30-7:45pm

If trying to figure out the logistics of selling your home and buying a new one make your head spin, this workshop will help make the process understandable. Led by our agents and a loan officer from a local bank.

How Individuals Can Buy Property Together as a Group

Wednesday, January 26th OR Wednesday, February 23rd at 6-8pm

There are a lot of questions when two or more people, related or not, want to buy property together, especially if they are first time home buyers. Where do we start? What type of financing is available? What are the options for taking title? How do you determine each one’s financial contributions, percentage legal interest in the property, and expense allocation? What kind of arrangements can be made in the event one or more parties want to move on, but others want to keep the property? We will help answer these questions at this session, led by our agents, a local real estate attorney, and a loan officer from a local bank.

NOTE: If you are a first time home buyer, we highly recommend you take the First Time Home Buyer class to give you an idea of what the buying process is like and what to expect.