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At Thalia Tringo & Associates, we aim to make your home buying choice simple, so it’s fun and exciting. We’ve created this easy-to-use listing map to make your real estate selection a snap.

Interact with the map above to select your desired neighborhood and see the real estate listings for sale. Hover over each icon to get a sneak peek of the property before clicking for more details.

Use your mouse to pan and zoom on desktop and use your fingers to interact on your mobile device.

The customizable search feature lets you refine choices even further, making home shopping a breeze.

When you’ve found a home you love, save it to your profile, print out the description, or share it with a friend. Then, give us a call. We will schedule a time to show you the property in person.

Thalia Tringo & Associates serves SomervilleCambridge, and other surrounding Massachusettes areas. As the leading area real estate company, we offer free classes to educate you before buying and selling your property.

Our agents serve the community where we live and work. We serve on local non-profit boards and in community organizations. $250 from each real estate transaction goes to a local non-profit in honor of his or her clients. Also, Thalia Tringo Real Estate gives $250 from each real estate transaction to a pre-selected group of local charities for each closing.

We are committed to our community and every business and resident within. We invite you to be a part of the Thalia Tringo & Associates experience.